Sports Day!

This Friday we have sports day! The theme is world sports. We are all looking forward to it! We hope it will be a nice day so we can have our ice lollies outside! J.H


Money Week!

This week is money week. Money week is when we all get a bank book and we update it everyday by having a sharp pencil you get 50p if you have a rubber you get 30p and so on. The purpose of it is to learn people to save money and don’t spend money that you don’t have. We have just started but we hope it will be a great succsess. J.H

Shared Finish!

P7k, P7s and P6/7 had a shared finish. The people in P6/7 were doing board games to do with maths. They could do something like Game Of Life or Monoply or even Cluedo! People in the P7S class were doing Cars Maths and the people in class P7K were doing real life skills/ problem solving! We were bizzy bees!!!
I stayed in my own class (P6/7!) and I did a board game with EF! We have 4 mansions and you get money and a job! You pick up a card and it says: Oh no! You split nail varnish on your carpet! Buy a new carpet! Or your car broke down!! Stuff like that!! Hope your enjoying our post! EW


Our assembly was awesome, so awesome we are maybe getting am Anne Frank award since we done it on WW2 and we had “Anne Frank” in it! We had role plays, Soldiers and loads more…… It was about respect and discrimintion (NEVER discriminate) We wish you guys had seen it! Our head teacher loved it too! EW